I Think I’ll Start a Blog…

A disclaimer…

I love reading things. Interesting things. I love reading interesting things about things that I am interested in. Would I say I’m a fan of blogs? I’m not sure. I’m certainly not a fan of blogs for their own sake. (I like Kentucky Sports Radio because I like Kentucky sports and I like the Gospel Coalition because I’m a big fan of the Gospel, and happen to agree with those guys and gals on a lot of stuff.) But I’m not sure I’d call myself a fan of blogs and I certainly wouldn’t call myself a fan of bloggers. As a general rule of thumb I find them to be really into themselves and that’s a real turn-off for me. I mean, it takes at least a little bit of inherent arrogance to believe that you have something to say that is profound, fascinating, or funny enough that someone else might even remotely care to hear, doesn’t it?

So with all that said, I approach this endeavor, despite being the first one to admit that there is a lot of pride in my heart that needs to be killed, with as little arrogance as possible. If there is anything I know or think I know, I only think I know it because someone smarter, older, wiser than myself passed it along. If I have even an ounce of competence in taking those things that I think I know and eloquently crafting them into something that is enjoyable to read, it’s only because someone taught me how to do so. These things holding true, I’d be a little bummed if no one found anything I say to be helpful…but I’d be psyched if someone found even the slightest morsel of encouragement, relief, hope, excitement, insight, or any other positive noun that’s not coming to mind, in something I write. So that’s what this is for. (Plus I just want to get better at writing because I enjoy it…)

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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